Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it's o.k. to blog about coffee

Sometimes it takes nothing more than a coffee drink to make my day a little sunshiny-er. I've gotten the same drink at Starbucks since the beginning of time. Starbucks is by no means my favorite place to enjoy coffee... but certainly the most convenient.  I usually try to support locally owned businesses instead of chain places, but there are those days... ya know? So Starbucks was o.k. for today. And, after all these years, I've finally mastered properly ordering my favorite Starbucks treat.  A kind employee recently told me that the little markings on the side of the cup are the way they keep up with what you order.  So... if you order a caramel latte with ice and soy milk they look at you like they have no idea what you just said. BUT if you say, "double tall iced caramel soy latte," they get it... like you said it in plain english and everything. Sometimes I even add little things to my drink to see how long the name can possibly be... like a "skinny" or a "half pump"... makes me feel young and hip. What kind of coffee do you like?

PS... here's a picture of the husband and myself at the azalea trail run 10k this past weekend. We both set personal records... Charlie did his personal best and I did my personal horrible-est. Seriously an 80 year old and a pregnant lady finished before me. 

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  1. Mel your blog makes my days sunshiny-er :)
    and i don't like coffee but the venti unsweet green tea from starbucks makes me smile!