Sunday, May 17, 2009

home grown

These little green circles are oranges. Yep, that's right... oranges! And guess where they came from? You got it... an orange tree in my backyard. I planted the tree a few months ago and I was so proud when dozens of little green circles started popping out everywhere. I was imagining the fun I would have delivering oranges to all my friends in cute baskets with hot pink ribbon. Of course just as soon as I could say "orange cream muffins," the tiny oranges started falling off one by one. Sadness. I did have four survivors out of the whole bunch that were getting pretty big. This afternoon, however, little Dean discovered that two of them had plummeted to their untimely death. So we cut one open just to make sure that it was an orange... and it was. It smelled scrumptious and looked just like a green baby orange. Very cool. Anyway, now I only have two oranges left. I took a picture to prove that this tree does in fact serve a purpose other than attracting bees and taking up half of our deck.

And here is a picture of Saturday's breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes, homemade whipped cream, coffee. I thought it needed to be shared.

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