Saturday, May 23, 2009

mg turning three

It was the strawberry-est of all the strawberry parties. Millie G. has been waiting patiently since February (when her brother and sister both had a birthday party... so unfair) for her party. She made herself very clear that she wanted a strawberry birthday... and not strawberry shortcake... just strawberries to eat. And so a strawberry birthday is exactly what we had. It was, of course, bright and shiny and scrumptious. I called in the troops (the "troops" include my two dazzling sisters and my magnificent mother) to help me make tarts and brownies and chocolate... they didn't mind. It would have been faster (and probably prettier) to dump a bag of oreos out on a plate, but there's something about the extravagance in handmade creations that makes everything better... don't ya think?

So the party was a dream. After all the guests were gone Millie G. got to (for the first time ever in 3 years) skip her afternoon nap.  We went to the illustrious Build-A-Bear Workshop and fashioned together a bear named "Strawberrie". It was a terrific day. Happy Birthday to my quiet, humble, sophisticated, stunning Millie Grace!

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  1. Happy birthday Millie! What a yummy spread-and you do have both dazzling sisters and a magnificent mom! And a beautiful 3 year old too!! How sweet.