Thursday, May 21, 2009

take two

This article in the May issue of Martha Stewart made me lay down my pride and try planting tomatoes for the second time. By the end of last summer, my tomato plant looked more like a bunch of blown-out bottle rockets sticking out of a beautiful yellow pot. This year, however, is a different story. I was watering yesterday and I literally said "waaa-hooo" out loud when I saw this little baby! I also planted some seeds of basil in the bottom of the pot and it's coming up every where! Salsa anyone?

Forgive my grandma-ness with all of these gardening posts lately. I'm so proud to finally have some successes out there. Speaking of grandmas... a precious old lady at the gym informed me yesterday that I have a "pretty tan." *Side note... if you've seen me any time within the last four years, please take a moment to laugh as loud as is comfortable for you. End of side note. * Anyway, then she said that she saw on the news where somebody got their tan sprayed on. I just said, "really?" Then I smiled for the rest of the day. Pure delight. O.K. happy date night!

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