Thursday, July 23, 2009

quilt... day 7

o.k. i started sewing the star shaped thingys (by hand) onto a full size white sheet. It takes me an hour to get two completely attached, and since i only have one hour each day to give the quilt... this is what we have so far. I cut more squares and triangles and am strongly considering machine sewing them onto the sheet... for time and sanity's sake. I hope to have all the star shaped thingy's attached by next weekend. Once that is finished, I'll pick some fabric for the back and purchase batting for the middle layer. Strangely, this is looking exactly like it did in my head before I started. Bright, scattered, and surprising... just like my life lately.

P.S. the green squares smell like my MeeMaw's house. She gave me some old fabric that had been lying around her house for years. It's one of my favorite smells... makes me smile.

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