Saturday, August 1, 2009

calm chaos

This is Kevin and Katie. They are getting married today. They are darlings. We're driving 4 hours to the wedding this morning and driving back 4 hours tonight. The little cuties came over to our house for lunch a few months ago and asked me so preciously to do a special painting for their wedding gift. Since I'm not very good at resisting adorableness, I got right to work. I've been working hard this week putting the finishing touches on this...
It's titled "Calm Chaos." Weddings and Marriage seem to bring moments of chaos regularly. I pray that Kevin and Katie will always find calm in the chaos... something beautiful in the middle of every hectic day.
And it took me nearly an hour to wrap a 38in. x 38in. canvas. Charlie will be carrying it into the wedding. I love him. The end.


  1. Love the painting--awesome. I need to get you to do a special one for me. Are you originally from Baton Rouge? I had a roommate at Ole Miss that was from Baton Rouge and I visited her family there one time and swore that was where I was going to live when i "grew up." So much for all the dreams you have when you are in college--although I like it where I'm at now.

  2. Thanks for loving the painting, c.stone! I'm from Pascagoula, MS (I come from a long line of Ole Miss people). My husband and I (and our kids) moved to Baton Rouge 3 years ago. We like it a lot.