Friday, August 7, 2009

quilt... day 15

Thanks for your patience with the quilt updates! The emails asking for updates have been so encouraging and exciting to my beating heart! I didn't have much time to give the quilt last week because I was finishing my big painting and this week has been... wellllll.... filled with things that needed my attention other than the quilt. I did manage to assemble and attach (by machine) a few more star shaped thingys. I think I like the look of the hand-sewn star shaped thingys more than the machine-sewn ones... even though it takes WAY more time. To the untrained eye (or I should probably say to the "trained" eye, since I have the "untrained" eye) the quilt may look a little disastrous. Don't fear, it still looks exactly how i wanted. Each wrinkle and fold and frayed edge is perfectly placed. It's starting to take on it's own personality. So cool. It also took me a little longer to sew with this gold metallic thread that I thought was entirely necessary... it breaks alot. O.K. have a terrific Friday afternoon!

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