Wednesday, September 30, 2009

toddler art

Toddler art today. Enchanting. This job is such a challenge for me because I cannot STAND for people to see my artwork in progress. I like to go through several stages of texture and garbledy goopy-ness before it actually starts to look like anything recognizable. Since I'm working at a preschool, and since I have 130 little artists... the art is everywhere in the hallway drying all the time. It does actually make me laugh on the inside when the other teachers walk by and look for a minute and say, "awww... that is cute. looks like you are having fun." Translation... "O my gosh that is hideous! You have no idea what you are doing AND if my child brought that home I would put it right in the trash can." Anyway, the finished product will be fabulous, but we're still a LONG way from that. I love watching the kids paint. I love playing with painter's tape. I love today. Dear Autumn, welcome. Please stay for a long time. Love, Me.

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