Thursday, October 1, 2009

20 questions

Leigh-Ann over at freckled nest posted these 20 questions. Thought it would be a fun beginning to a busy weekend...

Show us the inside of something cute... How about Stella Belle's new shoes for fall?

What's the last homecooking you had?
What do you miss?... sisters
What makes you laugh often?
What's your favorite word?... pizzazz
What are you trying to quit?... applying for survivor. it's really a sickness, people.
What's your favorite commercial right now?... sonic commercials make me laugh every time
Whose style do you dig?... Ellen Page
Link to a great blog you've discovered lately... Belle Maison for some gorgeous decorating inspiration.
What's the last craft you made?... 2 words: toddler. art.

A photo of the last happy mail you got... love getting cheap used books online... love it!!!

What are you looking forward to?
Post a recent snapshot of yourself.
Recent Favorite Movie?... I'm Reed Fish
Something you're working on right now?
If a movie were made about you, who would play you? Sara Vail... she should be in movies and she reminds me of myself as a teenager

What gives you goosebumps? him... forever

Share a new obsession... sewing, de-cluttering, anything that smells like pumpkin pie, bicycling, etc.

What's the meaning of your life?

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  1. your great!!! As always--love reading your blog. Love--christy donoho