Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday, after a delicious day of selling all my treasures at an enormous garage sale, I went shopping... just for a minute. I needed to buy the girls some brown hairbows for fall... o.k. maybe i didn't NEED to buy the brown bows... but that dang garage sale money was burning a hole in my pocket! Anyway, there's a high-end baby boutique here where I love to buy bows and get inspiration for gorgeous, glamourous kid stuff. So I parked in front of the store and my heart skipped a beat! Why? Because one of the open/closed signs from my etsy shop was hanging in the window!!! I snapped a few pictures. My signature is on the "closed" side which was inside the store... which I did NOT take a picture of because I wanted to keep composure in front of all the rich ladies. I wanted to be like "um, excuse me everyone... i made this sign..." but I figured that nobody in the store really gave a care about the sign as much as me. So I'm sharing the news with you... because you care. Hope you had a fun-filled, action-packed, sun-shiny weekend!