Wednesday, November 18, 2009

favorite places

Charlie: Do you have any questions about moving to Georgia?
Little Dean: Hmmm... Are some big machines gonna come move our house?
Charlie: No, someone else will live in our house and we'll get a new one.
Little Dean: Ha Ha! They are gonna have a really small back yard! Ha!

Here are some places around town that have captured my heart. I'll miss them very much...
Whole Foods...

Monjuni's... Besssst little Italian place. Gorgeous art inside.

Superior grill. I would literally drive 12 hours back here to eat Mexican food at Superior grill... It's our favorite date night spot.

I love Honeymoon Bungalow for life! Best vintage thrift store.

Dear Circa, it almost makes me tear up to think about leaving you. You have the most beautiful junk. Love, Me.

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