Saturday, November 14, 2009

i made pants!

It took me 3 days (about 2 hours of work each day), 3 bobbin refills, and $30 of my hard earned toddler art money, but i'd say my first time ever following a pattern was a success! I wanted to redeem myself after the bear incident (see previous blog post) and I needed a distraction from the small amount of chaos that is starting to take over our house. Following a pattern was really not as hard as I thought and the pants came together perfectly (just don't look too closely at the crotch area... tiny disaster).
When the pants were finished, I embellished some plain t-shirts ($3 at Wal-Mart) with leftover fabric and some screenprinted scripture verses that i usually put on baby onesies. Easy, easy, easy.

Hope your weekend is cool and refreshing. Try something new!


  1. do you sell your screen print biblical verses? I love them. I'm about to start having a barn sale in my back yard and these sewn onto some of my scrap fabrics would be a great addition to the sale. Christy

  2. those pants are fantastic :)