Wednesday, February 10, 2010

before and after... diaper box

Here's how you can get one more use out of those diaper boxes before chunking them. It will also occupy your children on cold, rainy mornings. Open both ends of the box, then open the corner seem and unfold. I drew a building, a house, a gas station, and a store on each inside panel of the box, then let the kiddies go to town coloring.

Little Dean drew our whole family at the gas station and lots of ants. I finished by drawing a road on the bottom flaps and there you have it! I LOVE making art with my children. It's magic.


  1. Cute! I will remember this for the kids I nanny--they are all into "crafts" as they call it. :)

  2. Love love! Maybe I can do this in my dorm sometime with my friends