Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Trampolines are the best. So I've been working on my 2010 "gymless" workout plan. I'll share the whole plan with you soon. Very exciting. I've been thinking of ways to exercise for 45 minutes 6 days a week... without going to the gym (as we may have to hold off on the gym membership until someone buys our house and we don't have to make 2 house payments each month). So anyway, yesterday, I thought it would be fun do some trampoline jumping. I used to be good at trampoline jumping... I mean REALLY good. However, incase you're curious... if you ever decide to have 3 babies in under 3 years, you might not be a really good trampoline jumper anymore. It has something to do with all of your inside body parts (especially the bladder) never returning to any kind of normal function.

So I proudly climbed onto the trampoline (which was a workout in itself) and ordered the kids to get down so "Mama could show them a few tricks." They were happily swinging and watching me. I jumped up and down exactly 4 times. On the fifth time... I jumped up (very high)... I came down. As I landed, I felt (might want to cover the eyes of the children for this part) a GUSH, very similar to when my water broke with the second baby, but it wasn't water... it was pee. And lots of it. I even went to the bathroom before I got on the trampoline to ensure that this would not happen, but believe me... it still happened! The kids were frozen, just looking. Their faces were priceless... sort of a disgusted, shocked, almost laughing face. So I gracefully dismounted and ran inside to change clothes.
After regaining composure, I decided to do some exercises on the monkey bars because that would be a little more gentle on my internal organs. Happy exercising!


  1. 1-2-3-4...tonight! Good job, Mel. I'm sure the kids loved it. Haha!

  2. Awww! I still don't have that problem, but I can imagine . . I wish I could've seen their faces . . and kiss them!!!