Monday, February 22, 2010

little dean turns five

Me: Good morning, Dean! You're five today! Happy Birthday!
Little Dean: um, no. I don't think I'm five yet.
Me: Yes you are! It's February 22nd and it's your birthday and you're five now.
Little Dean: It's my birthday right now?
Me: yes
Little Dean: (long pause... then runs down the hall) MILLIE WAKE UP! I'M FIVE AND I CAN RUN FAST!

So happy birthday to my firstborn child. The funniest person I know. We're having a party on Saturday, but we celebrated family-style today. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said a King Cake (which is like a Louisiana Mardi Gras cake... nobody in Georgia knows what a king cake is... sad really). So I made a King Cake-ish cake out of puff pastry and chocolate chips and icing and sprinkles. It was yum.

Also, a delightful little lady gave little Dean five dollars yesterday at church for his Birthday. So today I took him to the Dollar Store where he then purchased several Hotwheels cars and a green Hula Hoop. Necessities for a five year old cool guy. Happy Birthday, little Dean! My special friend.

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