Wednesday, February 24, 2010

things are lookin up

 I've been walking back and forth across the house... from the garage to the bedrooms and up the ladder and over the boxes... crazyness! But it is really fun. I love decorating houses! Yesterday the kiddies rode bikes in the driveway all afternoon while I single-handedly assembled an enormous shelving unit in the garage. For that accomplishment I would like to thank the following... 1. Charlie, for having a long meeting that took you away from your shelf-assembling duties. 2. My MeeMaw, from which I inherited my busy-body/ project-finishing nature. 3. Yerba Mate tea.

P.S. If you spend a large chunk of the afternoon assembling a shelving unit, and your really cute 2 year old is very quiet for most of that time... she's probably eating a melted lollipop off the floor of the garage. Now you know.


  1. I love her! the house looks super good! cant wait to see it

  2. i wish i were there to help!!! I am having equal amounts of fun doing my garage--wish you were here to help me.