Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Being creative with kids also means being creative with all of their stuff! I utilize every nook and cranny of our home to keep things organized. I'm a much happier mom if I don't have to run around like a crazy person looking for personal belongings all day. Our garage is where I place all of what we call our "out the door" items. Including shoes, bags, keys, playground gear, sports necessities, etc. So I made these "cubbies" to go above the kids' backpack hooks. A perfect location for little Dean's soccer cleats and t-ball glove... which we need twice a week or so.

I started with a simple basket. I screwed one screw into each corner and then into the wall. It's very sturdy and fab. It's also a great place for a basket of sunblock and bug spray... springtime requirements in southeast georgia. place your reusable shopping bags on top and there you have it!

Cost of this project... $8. Baskets were $4 each. Tools were free from Charlie's tool box.

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