Wednesday, March 17, 2010

under construction

Sorry for the skimpy blogging lately. Buffy Sunshine is currently undergoing some light construction including (but not limited to) new home decorating blogs, new craft blogs, new colorful kid blogs and a little facelift. I'm busy at work creating a blog that will scratch all of your inspirational itches. Buffy Sunshine will return to regularly scheduled razzle dazzle blogging on APRIL FIRST, TWO THOUSAND AND TEN. That's fourteen days away. Check back, faithful readers! Enjoy March!


  1. Good! I'm counting down the days..

  2. You have to be the most creative, spazzy, quirky, innovative, fascinating, energetic person I have ever known. Your blogs just make me smile. Every single time. I like green too. And chandeliers. And your new bible cover. And cookie dough :)