Monday, March 8, 2010

today's snack

While my family was visiting last week I attempted to make my first completely gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan cookies. Most of my cooking is gluten-free and I'm almost a vegan... like 84 percent. Anyway, somehow this cookie dough was a MAJOR fail. I usually ruin a recipe at least twice before I get it perfect. Don't get me wrong, the dough was delicious, but it baked into this runny hard substance. Almost like a potato chip... only sweet and chocolaty. Believe me, it was as strange as it sounds. Anyhow, since the dough didn't have raw eggs, I had no problem serving it up to my darlings for snack time.

I took the dough out of the fridge and rolled it into several little balls.
Hello best snack ever! And all my fancy ingredients didn't go to waste.
So cookie dough balls for everyone! Be inventive today!


  1. What a great mom you are! :D
    That zebra stripe plate is SO cute! Do you have a whole set of them or just one for a platter?
    <3, Kelsey :o)

  2. Kelsey,
    thanks for all your sweet comments! The zebra plates are from target like 3 years ago. I have 12 of them. My kids use them as everyday plates and i use them for platters at parties. They're not glass so they can handle a lot of abuse. I always eat up the seasonal stuff on the end of the rows at target. Thanks for reading!