Wednesday, March 3, 2010

word up

This is my Bible. My copy of God's Holy Word. Charlie gave me this on the day we got married. I've spent the last seven years making notes and highlights and underlines everywhere. It's special.

A few months ago, the binding started to fall apart on my Bible. It started to look really cool and worn and awesome. I was considering making a new cover just for the binder part.

THEN I left my Bible at Charlie's parents house accidently one night. Charlie's parents have a dog. He's cute. He ate my Bible. Then my Bible looked like this...

So I'm making a new cover for the whole thing. Everyone is telling me to just break down and buy a new one, but I can't part with this one. Anyway, leather scraps and embroidery thread and gorilla glue make Bibles look really fab.

Don't leave your Bible lying around, people. Just don't do it.

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  1. When our dog was a puppy she chewed on my Bible one time, but it was when I was little and wasn't attatched to any one Bible...if it happened now, to my Precious, underlined, bookmarked, own special Bible I would be quite devestated. Good for you for repairing. I support that decision. :)

    Kelsey :o)