Thursday, February 25, 2010


If you ask me about my favorite color I would say, "Mustard Yellow or Brown or the two of those together or Reds and Pinks." not green. But if you come visit me at my new awesome house on the lake in Georgia, you might disagree. We painted our bottom kitchen cabinets green... i've always wanted green cabinets. I thought just a "splash" of green won't hurt anybody. And since the rest of the house is not green, it won't be too overwhelming. But I'm opening boxes and boxes of GREEN! I have TONS of green accent pieces. I guess I thought our last house needed a few "splashes" of green here and there. So now I've got green cabinets and green everything else...

So I like green. That's o.k. Here's a peek at my new art space. It's in my closet.

My painting space is in the garage (Charlie no likey the paint in the house... I'm too messy) so this will be sewing and scrapbooking and dreaming up ideas space. It's cozy. O.K. happy cold Thursday! My family is coming to visit tomorrow!!!!


  1. You're soooooo creative. Duh, you knew that. See you tomorrow. Love.