Sunday, September 26, 2010

ten things about this weekend

1. It is still hot in south Georgia. Like really hot.
2. We rode bikes for longer than two hours on Saturday.
3. I wore a dress to church that I haven't fit into since two thousand and seven (thank you, p90x!)
4. I spent a large amount of time wondering if I am too old to wear my hair in two braids.
5. I realized that my kids are obsessed with silly bands.
6. I successfully did twenty jumping jacks without a single trickle of pee (thank you, p90x!)
7. Million Dollar Baby is a sad, sad movie.
8. Pumpkin Spice ice cream cones are very necessary (pumpkin spice anything, actually.)
9. Charlie and I talked for a long time about opening a donut shop.
10. We laughed because Charlie had to tell Stella Belle to "get her foot off of her corn on the cob."


  1. i just found your blog- i love it! i think it's so inspiring how you tutor high school girls. that's so awesome!


  2. Totally understand the jumping jacks and pee thing. After this little boy is born, I will have to start back with P90X if it will help.