Tuesday, September 28, 2010

nerd day

I wrote these words on the chalkboard, "NERD PICTURES TOMORROW!" And this is how they came to school the next day...
I mean, honestly... they are the most beautiful people. Two months ago, they were high school dropouts. Today, they are setting goals, making plans, understanding algebra, reading books, and adding large amounts of sunshine to my day.


  1. You're doing an incredible job! Praying for grace when you need it most, joy as your strength, and some wonderful family time too!


  2. I spy pop beads on the floor. Seriously, I want to come to Sunshine school. done. I love this, I love reading about it, I love watching you all. You make me smile!

    <3 Falyn

  3. i wanna live next to your brightness in heaven so i can meet you.. you inspire me to go big and bold for Him. i pray for you and your gals daily!