Saturday, October 2, 2010

hello october

Dear September, please go quietly and take your hot weather with you. Love, Me. I really like October. Fall is my favorite time of year. When the air gets all chilly and everything gets all pumpkiny.... it just makes me happy.
 Little Dean is obsessed with soccer. We've known this for a while. He began his third year of soccer this week. The girls and I scream for him every time it even looks like he's about to kick the ball. October means chilly soccer games and pumpkin spice lattes (with soy milk and an extra shot of espresso please!). why do you love October?


  1. cute photos! im opposite i love Summer and the Heat! and i cant wait for it to arrive.

  2. O.K. My need to see all of you has passed the need stage, now . . what do you call it???? Hmmm. . let's see.... Making a plan. . . that's what you call it! Love y'all! So proud!