Thursday, November 18, 2010

fall scavenger hunt

Sometimes Charlie works late, or has meetings that run long. When I see these days coming up on our weekly calendar, I usually enter into mental/emotional panic mode. What is it about the 5pm - 7pm hours that is so very exhausting? If I fail to plan activities or entertainment for these evenings without Dad, the result is a dramatic meltdown (from the kids... and me). This week I decided to have a little scavenger hunt for the kids that included games, dinner, clean up time, bath, and bed time...
I gave them clues that they had to find around the house. The first clue led them to a new bag of bird seed to fill our bird feeders with. The next clue was to find food for themselves... a taco picnic hiding under a blanket!
We cleaned up and found a clue in the dishwasher...
After bath, they found new pajammers under their pillows (you would've thought they found gold!) and new toothbrushes.
They got to eat a little ice cream with their new pajammers, then brush teeth and off to bed.
I read them a book, kissed them, and sat down just in time for Charlie to get home. Have a scavenger hunt today. It will make you happy.


  1. O Mel I love this. It makes me want to have more children so that Joy has scavenger hunt mates. My mom did these all the time for special occasions but I love randomness of it all. So cute and so special. You and your family make me smile:)

  2. What a lovely idea! And they are rocking those jammies! I just wanted to say hi and that you have a lovely blog :)

    - the runaway

  3. thank you! falyn, so good to hear from you! thank you for the sweet comments and support. You are fab.