Thursday, December 2, 2010

camera strap cover

I did a guest blog last week. This is what I shared... homemade camera strap cover with a little screenprinted fishy. This is such an easy (and affordable) project. Perfect for stuffing stockings!

Step One: Cut two strips of fabric about an inch or two larger (wider and longer) than your camera strap. I chose one solid piece and one piece with dots. Put your strips to the side.
Step Two: On the dull side of freezer paper (make sure the box says, FREEZER PAPER... not wax paper. Oh, and make sure it's the DULL side... not shiny... dull... o.k. let's continue) draw your design.
Step Three: Using scissors or an exacto knife, cut out your design, creating a stencil. I wanted my fish to have an eye and some detail on the tail, so I cut the circles and triangles out of the middle part.
Step Four: Iron the stencil (shiny side DOWN) onto your fabric. After the stencil is cut out and ironed down it should look like this...
Step Five: Use fabric paint and a small paintbrush to fill in your stencil. Let dry for two hours or more.
Step Six: When the paint is dry peel your stencil off and iron again with the fabric upside down. This will set the paint.
Step Seven: Sew the two pieces of fabric down the length of each side with RIGHT SIDES together. Flip it right side out and hem the edges. Iron your edges and there you have it! You can use these screenprinting techniques on many, many things (bags, clothes, towels, pillows, hair bows, etc). Enjoy!

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