Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mucho circus fun

The circus came to town! I scored three free kid tickets and two adult discount coupons, so we loaded up the kids and headed over to the big top. Charlie had a late meeting so our friend Hannah came along to help me. I like the circus so much.
If you've known me for five minutes or longer, you know how much I LOVE all things Mexico. I love the people and the country and the food and the Spanish language. So obviously I was outside of my mind when I found out the Cole Brothers Circus is a traveling circus from Mexico! The performers were so adorable.
We're exhausted since we got home very late last night. All three kids slept until 8:30 this morning... I haven't slept until 8:30 in six years! Happy lazy day!

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  1. I love Mexico and the Mexican people and Mexican food and everything else Mexican TOO! I saw this adorable Hispanic family at a restaurant today and it made me 2nd-home-sick. :)