Saturday, May 7, 2011

and now a poem

My mother, my mother, she is like no other.
She raised me and praised me, until I almost smother(ed).
I call my mom "Mama" my kids call her "Mimmee."
If you say "MeeMee" she says, "NO. It rhymes with Jimmy."

My mother is funny and she has nice dance moves.
She love wearing jackets and she used to have lots of red shoes.
She brought me to church and taught me to sing.
I used to ask her to braid my hair just so I could hold her big ring.

Her heart is more gorgeous than anything else on Earth.
She cries every time she watches a childbirth.
My mother is wonderful and amazing and swell.
Maybe next time I'll go earlier to put her card in the mail.

I wish I could give her a Mother's Day hug.
But she's visiting soon. Better vacuum the rug!
I love you Mama! Happy Mother's Day!!!

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