Monday, May 9, 2011


Good morning friends! We have exciting news!!! The Snow Shack is now on Kickstarter! Please click here to visit our page. You can donate as little as one dollar if you want. I'll be answering many of your Snow Shack questions over the next few months... starting now. One thing we are frequently asked is WHY we are going into the snow cone business at this point in our lives. Here's the simplest version of the answer...
My husband, Charlie, is a Minister. This line of work has moved us many places over the past few years (we've lived in five states during our eight years of marriage). With each move, we have become more and more passionate about using our God-given gifts to spread the love in smaller, "more needy" communities. This past January, Charlie gave up a comfortable position at his parent's church and we joined a small church in Downtown Brunswick, Georgia. We live in the same town, but we are loving on a completely different group of people. Since our new church is small, they are unable to pay Charlie any dollars. He is volunteering his time teaching and starting a college ministry with our local community college. We have never... i repeat, NEVER... been happier or more content. HOWEVER, we need some income... enter, Snow Shack. We are praying that our Snow Cone business will support us financially over the next few years so we can give lots of happiness back to this town.
So please donate a dollar or two if you can! And tell all of your friends! Your donation will do more than help us make yummy Snow Cones, it could possibly change the world.

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