Friday, August 5, 2011

charlie's blog

Many of you might be tickled to find out that handsome Charlie has a blog now. Charlie loves teaching people about the Bible, and he's very good at it. When we joined our new church back in February, they wanted Charlie to help start a college ministry. (This is why we started the snow cone business... so he could volunteer his time to this ministry). The college students come to our house every thursday night and eat cookies and learn about the Word. They are funny and they ask good questions.
Our pastor thought it would be good for Charlie to do a little blog each week about our meetings and other things that will help the college students grow. Since I didn't want Charlie's blog to look like a microsoft word document (it was headed in that direction, people... seriously), I've been working hard on "dressing up" his little space. You can click HERE to see Charlie's blog. It's very interesting and challenging. I love Charlie!

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