Monday, February 6, 2012

how to make a necklace

The girls wanted to make something with clay, so I thought homemade beads for a necklace would be fun. I was right. And since the process took a few days, it taught them (and my "them" I mean "us") a little about doing things orderly and patiently. Here's how...
Step one: Choose your clay. We chose air dry clay because we had it on hand. Baking clay may help speed along the process.
Step two: Roll small amounts of clay into a ball. I stuck the end of a paintbrush into each ball to create an opening for our necklace.
Step three: Let the clay dry and harden for three or four days. Again, baking clay might dry much faster.
Step four: Paint your beads. We used acrylic paint and clear fingernail polish for a shiny finish.
Step five: Keep an eye on your painted beads because your son might load them up on the back of a truck and try to haul them off.
Step six: Cut fabric into strips and slide your beads on. Tie a few knots in between if you want to space them out.
Step seven: Finish your necklace. I sewed my fabric scrap to a stretchy jersey knit fabric (like t-shirt fabric) and tied a pretty bow. Since the necklaces are for my girls, I wanted something they could get on an off easily without my help. Stretchy fabric is perfect.
Step eight: Wear on your birthday.


  1. That is a great project and I am sure the girls will happily remember it for years to come!

  2. how pretty!!!! I'll make one too :D

  3. i love love love this idea! how fun, and i bet they are so proud of themselves for making such pretty necklaces!