Tuesday, January 15, 2013

we're back

Good Tuesday morning to you! We got back from Mississippi late last night. My brother passed away on Wednesday of last week and we attended his funeral services over the weekend. People stood in line for almost four hours at the visitation and the funeral was standing room only. Ned planned his entire funeral including what he would wear and the songs that should be sung. After a heart wrenching picture slide show of his life and kind words from local pastors, this upbeat country gospel music burst through the speakers. A man began singing a happy gospel song, "Now don't you be grieving because I'm leaving. Don't cry when I say goodbye. There will be no weeping where I'm going, to my mansion in the sky." My foot was tapping, people were patting their hands on their laps along with the beat. I smiled. My brother, Ned, had the happiest, funniest, most upbeat personality and it was only fitting that he would chose to get everyone's feet tapping right in the middle of our saddest moment. I cannot wait to see him again one day.

We're unpacking today and homeschooling and doing laundry and playing outside and resuming all normal activity. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts and prayers.

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