Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 days of exercise... week 2

I am loving this! And I must admit that taking daily pics of my exercise keeps me motivated to stick with it. Last week was probably one of the most hectic weeks I've ever had and I'm happy to say that I still made time to pump it up every day. Are you keeping up?
Day 7: arms and back workout from an old Shape magazine
Day 8: 2 mile walk with the kids, carrying Hal
Day 9: ab ripper X
Day 10: hip hop abs, with my sister after a 9 hour drive to MS (sister not pictured)
Day 11: 20 minute walk with sister (sister not pictured)
Day 12: weighted ball yoga with sister (sister not pictured)
Day 13: 1 mile run around my parent's neighborhood
Day 14: rest stop lunges with Hal (20 each leg) on drive back to GA
Day 15: 30 minute walk on the beach with kids and calf raises with Hal

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  1. SO proud of you!!! look at you go!!! :) WOOHOO. what a GREAT idea.