Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the day the turner children discovered caffeine

The Turner family recently sold their snow cone business. This left the Turner family garage full of snow cone stand supplies like cups, straws, bottles... and twelve pack boxes of Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite. *Please note that the Turner children have NEVER been allowed to drink Coke. They have never tasted it.* One Monday afternoon, the children were saying things like this...
Their mother thought these were the sweetest things she had ever heard so she allowed them extra long unsupervised outside play time that day. They kept sending the little one inside to ask questions like this....
About two hours later, the Turner children were acting like this...
Their mother thought that was strange, but figured it was just an "off day" for the children and they would return to normal tomorrow. The next two days were exactly the same... sweet little requests to play outside, then animal-like behavior by dinner time. Their mother got frustrated.

On Thursday, the dashingly handsome Turner Dad decided to clean out the messy garage. He quickly spotted an empty box that once held 12 cans of Coke, another of Diet Coke and another of Sprite. That makes 3 empty boxes... and THIRTY SIX empty cans of sugary beverages. He asked the children if they happened to know where the cans were. They directed him to a giant bush in the front yard, where he found all 36 of the empty cans.
As it turns out, over the course of three days the Turner children drank 36 canned drinks. They were sneaking behind a bush to consume the Cokes and sending the little one in to make sure Mom wasn't looking. That would explain the wild behavior.
The Turner parents did their best to keep a straight face while they made the children clean up the cans and spend lots of time inside the house learning about the consequences of being sneaky. The Turner family garage is now squeaky clean and free of all unhealthy temptations.


  1. That is so hilarious!!! Love your rendition of it in pics also!

  2. Love this! One of the funniest things I have ever heard!!! Love those grandchildren to pieces!!

  3. That made me laugh and twitch. Too funny!

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