Friday, February 8, 2013

365 days of exercise... week 5

Hello! So my friend teaches classes at a gym in our area and she gave me a free pass for a few weeks. I've had mixed feelings about gym membership at this point in my life. With four children, a homeschool "routine" and busy afternoons, I wanted to see if driving to the gym would be worth the hassle. I've concluded that I do like the interruption-free workout time and the social aspect of body sculpting classes with other giggly women, but getting everyone dressed and driving to the gym was a little frustrating. Also, I feel like I work out harder at home because I'm not trying to be cute and chatty with my friends. Anyhoo, I'm thankful for the change of scenery this week and it didn't cost any dollars.
Day 29: 10 mile bike ride
Day 30: chest and back P90X dvd
Day 31: weight training class at the gym
Day 32: 30 minute walk/run
Day 33: body sculpt class at the gym
Day 34: weight training class at the gym
Day 35: cardio dance class at the gym
Day 36: 3 mile treadmill run at the gym
Day 37: free weights workout at the gym

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