Thursday, February 7, 2013

valentine crafting: popsicle stick bracelets

So much Valentine's Day crafting going on over here. Each year seems to be a little more fun as the kids get older and are able to make their own cards and gifts and fun little happy things. We had a box of jumbo popsicle sticks and I thought they would be cute little cuffs for the girls.

You'll need to boil your popsicle sticks for about one hour. Watch them to make sure they don't soak up all the water.
I boiled twenty sticks because about half of them crack/break during the next step. Remove the boiled sticks from the water using tongs and curl/round/bend them and place in a cup or glass until they are dried into shape. They need to dry for a long time... I left mine alone for three days.
After they are all dry, feel free to decorate however you like! I let the girls draw on a few with paint pens and I covered a few with yarn. You could mod podge something or glue sparkly things... bajillions of options here.

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