Wednesday, March 13, 2013

recycled bunny clothes

It's time for bunny clothes! Lord knows I love repurposing some old crib sheets. With a grey dotted crib sheet and an old white curtain liner, I made a swing top and a jumper for this springy time of year. I like them very much.
Stella Belle is wearing the swing top. I did not use a pattern for this so there was lots of trying on and ripping out and doing over. The white fabric once lined a curtain. The polka dot ruffle and trim were an old crib sheet. I hand painted (freehand, no stencil) the bunny with fabric paint. If you care about things being perfect you could probably find a similar pattern to make this. Her pants are the same ones she wore for Thanksgiving (found HERE).
Millie is wearing a jumper. It once lived the unglamorous life of a crib sheet. I used my one and only ruffle pants pattern leaving extra fabric at the top and taking away the ruffles at the bottom. The bunny is hand painted with fabric paint. The elastic around the legs are from a pair of worn out leggings that were headed to the trash can.

We will be wearing these around town all spring. Total cost of this project... ZERO dollars! Yay for free clothes!

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