Thursday, August 16, 2012

every single morning

Apple Cider Vinegar: 
at night, I add boiling water to 2 Tbs. of Apple cider vinegar and drink it down. It tastes horrible, but it makes my skin look so clear and bright when I wake up. Also, in the mornings, I add a little to my smoothies or juice (also tastes horrible).

Lemon/Cucumber water: 
Before bed, I put lemon and cucumber slices in a glass of water and put in the fridge while I sleep. It's the first thing I drink when I wake up. Very delicious and a great way to detox.

I drink a cup of hot tea every morning. 
I usually put a scoop of coconut oil in my tea or coffee. I also rub coconut oil on my lips and elbows at night. And sometimes I eat a big spoonful of it... it's disgusting... but REALLY good for you.

Prenatal Whole Food Supplements: 
I'll have to continue these for as long as I'm nursing. They give me all the nutrients I need so I don't feel so bad about the days when I don't eat like I should.
Do you have any bizarre health routines? Well, you should.


  1. i've totally been thinking about trying the ACV thing....there seems to be tons of health benefits. do you really notice a difference? and can you taste it in smoothies?

    1. You should try it! Yes, I can tell a difference in my skin and energy level. So many benefits. Yes, I can taste it in smoothies. It pretty much takes over whatever you put it in, but smoothies and juice help tone it down a little. Nothing will make it taste good, but eventually it will be less "shocking."

  2. Great advice! I drink ACV everyday as well!